The history of the origin and the meaning of the Stigmatine ‘Seal’ [or, ‘Coat of Arms’] – can be found in the 1923 issue of the BERTONIANO, a review reserved for Stigmatines. Fr. John B. Zaupa was elected to the first of his three terms as Fr. General the year before. He authorized a Professor Joseph Trecca of Verona, who provided the first rendition of it. He was an expert in Italian heraldry – and his work was then modified somewhat by Professor Charles Someda de Marco.

The upper blue background for the stars signifies Faith. The five stars in the form of a Cross represent the Five Wounds, or the Sacred Stigmata, of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The red background behind the lilies represents Charity. The two lilies, united by the Motto, Euntes Docete! [Go forth and teach! – Mt 28:19] represent the Holy Spouses, our Patrons, the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph. The silver band, embellished them with the palm branches uniting the upper and lower halves stands for the Peace and Harmony meant to be lived and shared apostolically by the Confreres.

The Stigmatine Seal