By Rev. Joseph Henchey, CSS

[Text and Voice-Recorded Documents]

St. Gaspar Bertoni:
Reflections on the COMPENDIUM RUDE of his Original Constitutions

[A Retreat to the Stigmatines of the
Province of the Holy Spouses in 2007]

St. Gaspar’s Ideal for the Management of Church Goods

[Study developed in 2015]

A Reflection on Some
on the Foreign Missions and on the Choice of Ministries

[Study developed in 2016]

The OBEDIENCE of Jesus Christ

[Lived in the 4th Vow of St. Ignatius of Loyola and in the Spirit of Obedience Witnessed by St. Gaspar Bertoni in his Original Constitutions]

St. Gaspar Bertoni:
Reflections on his Original Constitutions –
“Concerning the PROGRESS of the Confreres”

[Study developed in 2014]

Stigmatine Communion

Based on the Part IX of the Stigmatine Original Constitutions, Fr. Bertoni’s Reflections on the Eucharist, his Parish Sermons and his Spiritual Diary]

St. Gaspar Bertoni:
A TRINITARIAN Charism of Hope

[Study developed in 1981]