A Model of Holy Abandonment

[A Theological Reflection on the Spirituality of St. Gaspar Bertoni]

[Nello’s Thesis]

Rev. Nello Dalle Vedove, CSS [1917- +2006]

This is an English translation of the doctoral thesis of Fr. Nello Dalle Vedove, CSS, the long-time Postulator of the Cause of St. Gaspar Bertoni. Fr. Dalle Vedove is also the author of 6 massive volumes of the biography of St. Gaspar.  This thesis [conducted under the leadership of the great Dominican theologian, Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange, OP], over a half-century ago, still retains the freshness of that Holy Year of 1950. Fr. Dalle Vedove shows that Holy Abandonment in St. Gaspar’s life was a heroic exercise of the theological virtues, with special emphasis given to Hope.

nello_thesisA Model of Holy Abandonment: - Doctoral Thesis by Rev. Nello Dalle Vedove, CSS [1961] - English translation by Rev. Joseph Henchey, CSS