Memoriale Privato

With a Commentary by Rev. Joseph Stofella, CSS

English Translation by Rev. Jospeh Henchey, CSS [[1962]

Rev. Joseph Stofella, CSS [1885- +1966]

This Diary of Fr. Bertoni covers a relatively early period in his life, from 1808 – 1813. These are notes that he jotted down in some haste – and they offer us some insight into his spirit as it was being formed and shaped by the grace of God for his vocation as Founder. We learn about his Trinitarian reflections translating themselves into the Apostolic Mission of the Church, and his great devotion to the Most Blessed Sacrament. His great dedication to the Apostolic Mission of continuing the same Mission Jesus received from His Father [cf. Jn 20] is expressed by the sense of the Offertory [cf. Rm 12:1, f.], obsequium of his entire life to communicating the Father’s Mercy.

memoprivatoThe Spiritual Journal [Memoriale Privato] of St. Gaspar Bertoni - English translation by Rev. Giancarlo Mittempergher, CSS [1992]

The Spiritual Journal: Second Centenary of Its Inception

By Rev. Joseph Henchey, CSS – 2008

The Year 2008 marks the second century since St. Gaspar Bertoni began his Spiritual Journal.  This document covering 1808 picks up almost where his Parish Sermons leave off – and this Spiritual Journal is then followed by his published letters, known as his Epistolario.  With these documents, anyone interested in St. Gaspar Bertoni would find a  spiritual chronicle for the better part of his life. If one then would also study his ‘Catechism Lessons’ taught while still a seminarian [he was ordained a priest on September 20, 1800], our understanding of him would be further intensified.  This reflection on the 200th anniversary of the beginning of his Spiritual Journal is a reflection on some of these writings.

memoprivato200 The Spiritual Journal [Memoriale Privato] of St. Gaspar Bertoni - A Reflection on the 200th anniversary of Its Inception