A Charism for a religious community is usually understood as that special grace, and way of life and service of the Church – lived by the Founder/Foundress and early members, and eventually codified in a booklet of Constitutions.

For Fr. Bertoni, this was abandonment to the Trinity and Apostolic Availability to the Church. This is daily nourished by receiving the Eucharist, pondering Sacred Scripture, and the Stigmatine Devotions: the Sacred Stigmata of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spouses, Mary and Joseph.

St. Gaspar Bertoni and his Devotion to the Holy Spouses


St. Gaspar Bertoni and the Stigmata of Jesus Christ



Prayer of the Founder to the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Great Theologians and their Influence on St. Gaspar Bertoni’s Charism and Original Constitutions

St. Thomas Aquinas
St. Ignatius Loyola
Fr. Jerome Nadal, SJ
Fr. Francisco Suárez, SJ