The Five Volumes of St. Gaspar Bertoni’s Original Writings
Rev. Luigi [Gino] Benaglia, CSS [1900- +1988]

Throughout his long life – of nearly 76 years and nine months – and living 52 years and almost 9 months of his priesthood – St. Gaspar Bertoni left behind a considerable amount of carefully handwritten notes. These included personal letters, a spiritual diary, many of sermons and retreats, particularly to the Clergy and seminarians.
A Stigmatine priest, Fr. Gino Benaglia [April 7, 1900 – Dec. 3, 1998] spent about ten years of his life studying these works of Fr. Bertoni, and carefully transcribing a selective amount that appears now as The Bertoni Manuscripts.
Fr. Benaglia’s labor of love provided the Stigmatine Founder’s family of followers with abundant material to know St. Gaspar Bertoni better.
What follows here is an effort to provide an analytical index of these five volumes.


The Manuscripts of St. Gaspar Bertoni

[From the Bertonian Historical Archives in Rome]

Transcribed by the Stigmatine Fr. Gino Benaglia, CSS

Analytical Indexes:

index-itIndice Analitico dei Manoscritti di San Gaspare BertoniOriginale en Italiano.
index-enAn ANALYTICAL INDEX of the MANUSCRIPTS of St. Gaspar BERTONI [English]English translation by Rev. Joseph Henchey, CSS.


Volumes I – V:

[Original Transcribed Documents in Italian]

mssb_01The Manuscripts of St. Gaspar Bertoni -Volume I0001 - 1708
mssb_02The Manuscripts of St. Gaspar Bertoni - Volume II1709 - 3811
mssb_03The Manuscripts of St. Gaspar Bertoni - Volume III3812 - 5890
mssb_04The Manuscripts of St. Gaspar Bertoni - Volume IV5891 - 8085
mssb_05The Manuscripts of St. Gaspar Bertoni - Volume V8086 - 9992