Fr.  Cornelio FABRO
St. Gaspar Bertoni: A Trilogy in Honor of His ‘Model’
A Reflection on Fr. Cornelio Fabro’s Presentation: “An Aspect of the Mariology of St. Thomas Aquinas”
St. Gemma Galgani, Witness to the Supernatural
St. Gaspar Bertoni: Witness to Heroic Suffering
in Imitation to Jesus Christ
Father Cornelio Fabro: Stigmatine, Devotee of His Founder

Fr.  NELLO Dalle Vedove

A Model of Holy Abandonment [Doctorate Thesis]

Most Rev. Fr.  José Alberto MOURA
The Holy Spirit in the Charism of St. Gaspar Bertoni [Doctorate Thesis]

Fr.  Joseph Charles HENCHEY
St. Gaspar Bertoni and Jesus Christ: Sources and Personal Reflections [Stimmate Integre]
St. Gaspar Bertoni: A Trinitarian Charism of Hope
Jesus Christ: Icon of the Invisible God – St. Gaspar Bertoni: Model of Holy Abandonment
St. Gaspar Bertoni and the “Depths” of the Human Soul
The Ministry of the Word of God in St. Gaspar Bertoni:
an Echo of St. Ignatius of Loyola
Holy Abandonment: The Fundamental Spirit of the Stigmatine Founder
Reflections on the Stigmatine Apostolic Mission of Preaching
St. Gaspar Bertoni: A Creative Synthesis of Realism and Hope
St. Gaspar Bertoni: A Prophetical Balance Between Cross and Resurrection