of the Stigmatine Charism

In this segment of the website, there will be presented a few of the ideas or personalities affecting the life and spirit of St. Gaspar Bertoni.  They are placed in alphabetical order – much like an analytical dictionary, or an encyclopedia for the perusal of background material on the Stigmatine charism.


St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Ignatius of Loyola

Side of Christ [E Latere Christi] - St. Thomas Aquinas. Compiltator: Rev. Joseph Henchey, CSS
Model e Uno Specchio Testi e Fonti [In Obsequium] - S. Tomaso d'Aquino e S. Ignazio Loyola. Compilator: Rev. Joseph Henchey, CSS


Original Constitutions

The Original Constitutions of St. Gaspar Bertoni, the Founder of the Congregation of the Sacred Stigmata - Sources Edition. Translator: Rev. Joseph Henchey, CSS

By now readers of this website are familiar with the English translations of St. Gaspar Bertoni’s Original Constitutions.  We have a record from his ninth letter to Father Louis Bragato, dated May 11th, 1841, of the saint’s asking his close friend for prayers for this endeavor.

The present translation is based on St. Gaspar Bertoni’s original Latin text – and a few of the fundamental Latin sources which he used.  Principal among these as far as is concerned is the De Religione Societatis Jesu, by the Jesuit Scholar Father Francis Suarez, SJ. [+ September 24, 1617].  In addition to this font, there are presented other sources from St. Ignatius Loyola and his Original Constitutions and other juridical sources of the Company of Jesus.

This text is meant for those who care to study the original Latin text and the Latin sources for most of its content.