• all the works on  this website are in English, except if specifically noted;
  • if not specifically noted, all the works on this website are of  authorship or English translation by Fr. Joseph Henchey, CSS.

The manuscripts of St. Gaspar Bertoni, transcripted and compiled by Fr. Luigi [Gino] Benaglia, CSS;

Analytical Index.


By Fr. John Ceresatto, CSS;

[Short-biography] By Fr. Donald Saulnier, CSS [with Portuguese translation].


Memoriale Privato [The Spiritual Journey] with a commentary by Fr. Giuseppe Stofella, CSS;

Memoriale Privato: A Reflection on the 200th Anniversary of Its Inception [2008].


Fabro’s Trilogy;

Nello’s Thesis: A Model of Holy Abandonment;

Moura’s Thesis: The Holy Spirit in the Charism of St. Gaspar Bertoni [with its original in Portuguese and an Italian translation];

Stimmate Integre [St. Gaspar Bertoni and Jesus Christ: Sources and Personal Reflections];

A Trinitarian Charism of Hope

Analogy [Increased Understanding of Sacred Scripture, Development of Dogma –  Multi-faceted Ideal of Progress in the Founder’s Charism];


St. Gaspar Bertoni and his Faith-Inspired Economy of the Goods of God;

The Stigmatine and the Management of the Goods of the Church.


Holy Abandonment;

Reflections on the Stigmatine Apostolic Mission of Preaching;

A Creative Synthesis of Realism and Hope;

A Prophetic Balance of Realism and Hope [with its Portuguese translation].


The Stigmatine Seal [that reflects the Stigmatine Charism];

Devotion to the Holy Spouses and the Sacred Stigmata;

Elements of the Stigmatine Charism in the Prayer to the Virgin Mary;

Stigmatine Devotions [Paluch Lecture.


Consecrated Life [Siena];

The Wisdom of the Cross;

The Stigmata and Mercy – Redemption as Healing;

The Holy Spousals and the Sacred Stigmata;

Growth in Holiness;

Consecrated Life [Gift of the Holy Spirit];

Celibacy for the Reign of God;

The Holy Espousals and the Sacred Stigmata in the Apocalypse;

The Nuptial Theme in the Spiritual Life [with its Portuguese translation];

Two Lilies of Winter;

The Sacred Stigmata – Mystery, Feast and Devotion;

The Espousal Principle;

A Few Reflections of the Feast of the Sacred Stigmata [with its Portuguese translation].


On Penance [as a Seminarian, in 1798]

On the Sacraments [as a Priest, in 1807]

On Prayer [as a Priest, in 1807]


Parish Sermons 1801 – 1807

Fragments of other sermons [up to 1812]



Meditative Reflections researched and then organized in Liturgical order by Fr. Ignazio Bonetti, CSS.

Also available in its version in Portuguese.


The Conferences on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola [three retreats for Clerics]:

Autumn Retreat [1810]

8-Day Retreat:

Part I [Days 1 – 3]: The Duties of Clerics

Part II [Days 4 – 8]: On the Sacraments [in progress]

10-Day Retreat [in progress]:

Volume I: The Call; Volume II  [The Priestly Life]; Volume III [Means – Apostolic Missionary]


Meditations on St. John Chrysostom’s Commentary on Genesis and on Matthew:

13 Meditations transcribed from St. John’s Chrysostom’s  17 Homilies on Genesis

41 Meditations transcribed from St. John’s Chrysostom’s  Commentary on Matthew


Panegyric in Honor of St. Francis of Assisi, preached in St. Firmus’ Major Church, Verona on the feast of the saint [1808];

Likewise, a second Panegyric;

Reflections on the Canonization of St. Veronica Giuliani [1839]


and his influence on St. Gaspar Bertoni:

Bertoni’s Meditations on First Kings – Introduction;

Likewise, Meditations 1 – 16;


The Books of the Morals of St. Gregory the Pope, or an Exposition on the Books of Blessed Job

The Original Constitutions of St. Gaspar Bertoni:

English translation by Fr. Giancarlo Mittempergher, CSS;

English translation by Fr. Joseph Henchey, CSS;

Analytical Index by Fr. Luigi [Gino] Benaglia, CSS – English translation by Fr. Joseph Henchey, CSS.


Providing a commentary on the 314 Original Constitutions of the Founder [‘CF’],  St. Gaspar Bertoni:

Introduction [Historical Study on the Charism];

Compendium Rude [CF ## 1 – 8];

Parts 1 – 8 [CF ## 9  – 157];

Part 9 [CF ## 158 – 186];

Parts 10 – 12 [CF ## 187 – 314].

Early General Chapters:

Early Stigmatine General Chapters [## 1 – 18] [1871 – 1911];

A Reflection on Some Early Stigmatine General Chapters on the Foreign Missions and on the Choice of Ministers;

Early Juridical Formulations on the Stigmatine Constitutions.

Fr. John Baptist Lenotti, CSS [1st Elected Superior General]:

Conferences on the Founder’s Original Constitutions

The Great Theologians and their Influence on St. Gaspar Bertoni’s Charism and Original Constitutions:
St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Ignatius Loyola:

The Influence of St. Thomas Aquinas in St. Gaspar Bertoni’s Charism;

Central Ignatian Ideals  in St. Gaspar Bertoni’s Original Constitutions;

The Mode of Fr. Gaspar Bertoni Serving the Church.

Fathers Nadal and Suárez, Jesuits

The Special Grace of this Arduous and Difficult Vocation. The Obsequium Romani Pontificis and the Finis/ Scopus/ Media in the Apostolic Mission;

The Influence of Father Francisco Suárez, SJ in the Charism of Father Gaspar Bertoni.

Apostolic Mission and Obedience:

Biblical and Theological Reflections on St. Gaspar Bertoni’s Apostolic Mission;

St. Gaspar Bertoni’s Ecclesial Service: Community, Corporate, Domestic Obedience and Apostolic, Missionary, Doctrinal Obedience [In Obsequium] [CF ## 2; 138-151; 158-186].

Commission for the Original Constitutions:

Points of Agreement [and its Portuguese translation].

Translated Works:

Into Italian:

The Compendium Rude of the Original Constitutions [San Gaspare Bertoni: Il Compendium Rude nelle sue Costituzioni Originali] – translation by Fr. Antonio Piccirillo, CSS.

Into Portuguese:

Commission for the Original Constitutions – Points of Agreement [Comissão para o Estudo das Constituições Originais do Fundador – Pontos de Convergência;

A Historical Study on the Charism of St. Gaspar Bertoni [Um Estudo Histórico sobre o Carisma de São Gaspar Bertoni] – translatin by Tereza Lopes [lay Stigmatine];

St. Gaspar Bertoni: Compendium Rude of his Original Constitutions [São Gaspar Bertoni: Compendium Rude de suas Constituições Originais] – translation by Tereza Lopes [lay Stigmatine];

St. Gaspar Bertoni: Part IX of his Original Constitutions [São Gaspar Bertoni: Parte 9 de suas Constituições Originais] – translation by Tereza Lopes [lay Stigmatine].

Community of the Sisters of the Holy Family:

Original Constitutions;

Constitutions [1989].


Volume I: 1800 – 1806;

Volume II: 1811;

Volume III: 1812 – 1831.


Adami [1987];

Masotto [1990];

Accordini [2001];

Telese [2001].


Spiritual Conferences

Stigmatine Calendar
Early Biographies
Breve Cronaca [A Brief Chronicle]

A Brief Chronicle of the Stigmatine Congregation [1800 – 1841] – by Fr. Giuseppe Fiorio, Stigmatine

The American Chronicle

Introduction [with geographical locations];

Volume I: Historical Background and First Foundations [Hazleton and Scranton, PA and Milwaukee, WI] ;

Volume II: The Our Lady of Mount Carmel Churches [Springfield and Pittsfield, MA and White Plains, NY];

Volume III: The Sacred Heart Churches:

Waltham, MA;Milford and Feeding Hills, MA; S. Timmins, ON and Vancouver VC in Canada];

Milford and Feeding Hills, MA and S. Timmins, ON and Vancouver VC in Canada [in progress].

Volume IV: Foreign Missions – The Retreat House – University and Seminary Professorship [in progress];

Volume V: Formation [Waltham, Springfield, Wellesley and Newton, MA] and Waterville, NY [in progress];

Volume VI: Personalities [short biographies].


Website made and updated by Fr. Silvano Zanella, CSS with short biography of all the Deceased Stigmatines;

List organized by date of all the Deceased Stigmatines, to be remembered in daily Masses by the Stigmatines.

Stigmatine Congregation

General Curia, Provinces, Parishes, Stigmatine Laity, Il Missionario Newsletter, Deceased Stigmatine Confreres.

St. Gregory the Great

Biography by St. Bede, the Venerable;

Works: Letters; Moralia – Job (5 books) – The Mystery of the Resurrection [Sermon]; Life of St. Benedict [CCEL Translation];

Pastoral Rule: Books I – IV.

St. John Chrysostom

Homilies on the Gospel of St. Matthew.


A short biography of the author of this website, Fr. Joseph Henchey, CSS.